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What's Pando Lake

Pando Lake is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision built with the Mixin MTG (Mixin Trusted Group) technology, an alternative to smart contracts on Mixin Network.

It uses combined algorithms - functioning on a Curve-like, bespoke low slippage, low trading fee algorithm specifically for swapping between stablecoins and on the constant product formula x*y=k for the rest of pairs.

Each pair manages a liquidity pool made up of reserves of two tokens. The prices of the pair tokens are directly determined by the reserve balances.

Users can swap at a specific crypto assets market(pair) and/or become liquidity providers.

For the pairs pUSD-USDT(ERC-20), pUSD-USDT(TRC-20), pUSD-USDC, pUSD-DAI, and BTC-wBTC, the swapping fee is 0.04%. For the rest of pairs, the swapping fee is 0.3%.

The trading fee is paid to all liquidity providers proportional to their shares of the liquidity pool.

4swap provides a mechanism named "Broker" that users interact with the protocol. Pando Lake has its own Broker to serve the users. Please refer to "Lake vs 4swap" for more information.

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