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Mixin Messenger

Mixin Messenger is an open source cryptocurrency wallet, which supports almost all popular cryptocurrencies.

Mixin Messenger is developed by Mixin Core Team, who release it under the GPL-3.0 license.

For users, please download the app from its official website

For developers, please check out its source code here at: Android App, iOS App and Desktop App.


Fennec is an open source browser extension that allows you to easily manage your own crypto assets wallet of Mixin Network.

You can install Fennec from Chrome web store or Firefox Add-ons:

Fennec uses Mixin Network's keystore files to identify your assets and manage your wallet. There are two ways to create your keystore files.

The first option is to create a dApp from Mixin Developer Dashboard. After creating the dApp, you can generate a keystore file.


Mixin Developer Dashboard is a service hosted by Mixin Core Team. You can use it to create two free dApps, but you will need to pay a fee for more dApps.

The second option is to use the Account Service providers to generate a keystore file.


Account Service Provider is also an open source program that creating valid keystore files for you. You can host an instance yourself or use one from the 3rd party hoster.

The hoster has the permission to view the transactions and assets of your wallet (but no permission to operate your wallet). Please make sure you trust the 3rd party hoster before using it.

For more information, please refer to Fennec repo and Fennec-asp repo.