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How to update the icon of LP token

The icon of LP token is generated by 4swap-icon-gen.

Please follow the steps below to update the icon of LP token.

1. Submit latest asset icon to Mixin Network#

If not, please refer this tutorial to submit the asset icon.

Before you can generate the icon of LP token, you need to make sure new asset icon has been deployed to Mixin Network.

To check the status of new asset icon, please visit in browser. The webpage will display the asset's information, include the asset's icon.

2. Generate the icon of LP token#

Download the latest version of 4swap-icon-gen and build it with:

go build

then run it with:

./4swap-icon-gen -config YOUR_KEYSTORE_FILE -a0 LP_ASSET_ID -a1 1ST_ASSET_ID -a2 2ND_ASSET_ID

in which,

  • YOUR_KEYSTORE_FILE is the keystore file of your account. You can get it from Mixin Developer Dashboard.
  • LP_ASSET_ID is the asset ID of LP token.
  • 1ST_ASSET_ID and 2ND_ASSET_ID are the asset IDs of the assets you want to generate the icon of LP token. You can get it by visiting in browser. The url will change from the symbol to the asset ID.

This command will fetch the latest icons from Mixin Network and generate the icon of LP token in the output directory.

for example, if you want to generate a new icon for sRUM-XIN, you can run:

./4swap-icon-gen -config YOUR_KEYSTORE_FILE -a0 a53872c5-b1a3-32da-bbc4-230a7ced69cb -a1 4f2ec12c-22f4-3a9e-b757-c84b6415ea8f -a2 c94ac88f-4671-3976-b60a-09064f1811e8

3. Submit new LP token icon to Mixin Network#

Like other assets' icons, you need to submit the new LP token icon to Mixin Network. Visit in browser to submit it.


Please create a pull request when you have finished. It usually takes about 1~2 days for Mixin Network to process your pull request.