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Pando Seed

Pando seed(PS) is launched on Aug 4,2021 BigONE, Exin, FOX, Poolin and Team Mixin. The total supply of PS is 10,000,000,000,000,000.

Claim PS#

You can claim 1.024 Pando Seed Token on the Pando Seed robot every day.

Search Mixin ID 7000104113 on Mixin Messenger App and click blue number. Then add bot and click little robot avatar to open Pando seed.

Store PS#

PS is an Ethereum token, and has been transfered to Mixin Network since Aug 4,2021. So you can store PS in any Mixin Network compatible wallet or Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Use PS#

In pando, there are several places that need to use pando seed, namely generate and withdraw in leaf, and borrow, withdraw and unpledge in Rings.

It only costs 0.00000001 PS per operation.