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Compare Lake and 4swap

4swap is an open protocol that provides the basis of the decentralized liquidity and swapping service with a Mixin Trusted Group.


4swap Broker is the interface that users interact with 4swap protocol.

The default broker is the 4swap Mixin Messenger bot (id: 7000103537). If you don't specify a broker ID in the requests, all information about assets, pairs, market, orders will be responded by this broker.

You can access this broker's web interface by visiting

Pando Lake#

Pando Lake is a 4swap broker that is hosted by Pando.

Pando Lake filters the market information to only display the chosen pairs and markets that have good liquidity and are backed by solid communities.

Pando Lake has an individual Mixin Messenger bot (id: 7000103937), you can also access its web interface by visiting

The LP-Tokens are shared between Pando Lake and 4swap.

Integrate with Pando Lake#

The broker id of Pando Lake is 5dbdb169-d56d-4b5b-b066-9b0780691b14, which is used in requests.

Authorize to Lake

When call POST /api/oauth to authorize the wallet, two parameters broker_id and label must be specified, in which label should be a string "lake".

Other APIs

The parameter broker_id should be appended to the query or payload of following API requests:

  • POST /api/actions, it generates a transfer that could be sent to Pando Lake.
  • GET /api/pairs, it will respond with a whitelists field which includes asset ids that are supported by Pando Lake.
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