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Pando USD

Pando USD(pUSD) is launched on Dec 25, 2020 by BigONE, Exin, FOX, Poolin and Team Mixin. Pando USD is considered a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. You can always consider 1 pUSD for US$1.00.

The total supply of pUSD is 1,000,000,000,000, of which 999,975,000,000 are locked in a 5/6 Mixin Trusted Group which are managed by BigONE, Exin, FOX, Poolin and Team Mixin. The remaining 25,000,000 is releasable to the public at Pando Leaf, which is a 4/6 Mixin Trusted Group.

The current collaterals are of about US$43M worth of crypto, which backs about 11M pUSD. Please check real-time market conditions here. the pUSD MTG mechanism makes sure that the backing ratio of pUSD is always way higher than 200%.

Store pUSD#

pUSD is an Ethereum token, and has been transfered to Mixin Network since Dec 23th 2020. So you can store pUSD in any Mixin Network compatible wallet or Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Use pUSD#

  • Generate: Pando Leaf is the only place to generate the pUSD.
  • Exchange: 4swap and Pando Lake provide pUSD exchange services.
  • Others: PrsDigg is a paid article service that supports using pUSD to buy articles.