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Borrowing assets from Pando Rings

If you want to borrow an asset in Pando Rings, you can get access by clicking on "I want to borrow " on the Market page. After choosing the asset you want to borrow, you will be on the Borrow page.

If you have already entered the Market Overview page and have chosen to view statistics of a specific market, you can also go to borrow from the asset statistics page.

If you haven't had any borrow yet, you will also find access to borrow on the Me page. However, if you have outstanding borrow already, you will only be able to see cards of your borrow assets here.

After landing on the Borrow page, if you have enough borrow balance, you can finish borrow within no time.

Or if you don't have enough borrow balance, you can get more by clicking on "increase balance". You can then conveniently get borrow capacity by choosing from the assets that you have supplied but not pledged (remember any borrow from Pando Rings has to be collateral-backed) or if you need more borrow capacity than the unpledged assets can produce, you can click on "Add new supply" to supply and pledge all of your new supply.

Now that you have increased your borrow balance, you can borrow as you like from the borrow page. :)

The loan risk indicator changes with the amount you enter and predicts whether your borrow will be within an acceptable risk level.

Current (Asset name) Borrow indicates your current borrow amount of a specific asset. Total Borrow indicates the total amount of all the assets you have borrowed. Maximum Market Availability shows the amount available to borrow of a specific asset. If the amount you intend to borrow is more than the Maximum Market Availability, your order won't come through - you can borrow at most at the Maximum Market Availability.