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Pando Catkin is a standalone web application that allows you get free cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks or actions.


Two faucets are available in Catkin:

  1. ETH Faucet: Get free ETH by authorizing wallets at MVM.
  2. CNB Faucet: Get free CNB by authorizing wallets.

ETH Faucet

This faucet transfers REAL ETH tokens on Mixin Virtual Machine(MVM), which is used to allocate resources of MVM. Please sign in with Metamask to claim the FREE ETH.

The users who can claim the token meet following conditions: the balance of this address at the Ethereum mainnet that hold more than 0.001 ETH. Note that each address can only claim for 1 time.

Visit MVM Brdge to check your balance.

CNB Faucet

This faucet transfers CNB tokens, which is used to development and testing. All people can claim the token. Note that each address can only claim for 1 time.


At present, there is no task in Catkin. More tasks will be added in the future.