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Pando Proto's trade function is based on the AMM model, which is a decentralized exchange protocol that does not require a central order book. Instead, liquidity providers provide liquidity to the pool and earn swap fees.


There is no fee for adding or removing liquidity.

Adding liquidity

There are 2 ways to add liquidity. One is to click the "Add Liquidity" button on the "Trade" page, the other is to choose a liquidity pool on the "Earn" page.

If you have previously provided liquidity, you can also find the pool on your dashboard and add more liquidity.

Two type of assets must be added at the same process to provide liquidity successfully. If you only add one, or you don't get an LP token after the addition, don't worry, you will receive the refund in 10 minutes.

After adding liquidity, you will receive the corresponding LP token from Pando.

Removing liquidity

Removing liquidity is the process of taking your share of the liquidity pool back. You will be asked to provide an amount of LP tokens, and the amount of each token you will receive will be calculated automatically.

Here's how to remove liquidity from a pool:

  1. Go to the pool page you want to remove liquidity from.
  2. Enter the amount of liquidity you want to remove. Pando will automatically calculate the amount of each token you will receive.
  3. Review the details before submitting the transaction
  4. Submit the transaction.
  5. Wait for the transaction to be processed and confirmed. It takes for seconds to be processed depends on the network congestion.

After removing liquidity, you will receive the corresponding tokens from Pando.

Advanced Settings

Just like swapping, you can also click the "Advanced Settings" icon to set slippage tolerance.