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What is Pando?

Pando is a decentrialized financial network built with Mixin Trusted Group, including a series of open financial protocols.

Based on the mechanism of trusted network, Pando combines most common decentralized financial applications into one product to serve users and is constantly evolving to provide more comprehensive financial services.


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Where to access Pando?

Pando Proto's web application is available at

The goal of the web application is to provide a unified interface for users to access all Pando protocols and products. Right now, 4swap protocol has been integrated into the web application, and the 4swap's legacy web application ( will be deprecated.

Leaf protocol and Rings protocol will be integrated in the future.

Is there an iOS and Android app?

Currently, Pando does not have iOS and Android apps. However, you can visit Pando Proto's web application ( using your mobile browser. You can also use Pando Proto in Mixin Messenger, open Mixin Messenger, search for Mixin ID "7000105018", to use Pando Proto's bot in Mixin Messenger.

The Majorities of Pando Protocols

There are 3 major protocols in Pando, including 4swap, Leaf and Rings.

  • 4swap is the first decentralized swapping protocol built on Mixin Network. It implements the AMM model and provides liquidity mining for users, which is compatible with Uniswap V2 and Curve. 4swap supports the "trade" function, also known as "swap". It also supports the "Liquidity Mining" function at "Earn" page.
    • Currently, 4swap only exists as a protocol, and its web application has been integrated into Pando Proto (
  • Leaf is a decentralized minting protocol built on Mixin Network. It uses the pledge mechanism that similar to MakerDAO and issues stablecoins called "PUSD".
  • Rings is a decentralized lending protocol built on Mixin Network. It implements compound V1 interest model and provides liquidity mining for users. Rings is not in development anymore and is keeping in minimal running.

Other Pando Protocols/Products

In addition to the three major protocols, Pando has a few other products and protocols, including:

  • Fennec: An open source browser extension wallet based on Mixin Network, supporting Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Talkee: A Web3 comment and chat protocol, in addition to basic comment and chat functions, it also supports likes, rewards, and airdrops.
  • Catkin: A protocol for earning cryptocurrency for free. Users can receive cryptocurrency for free on Catkin, or earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks.