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Chat Mode (Chinese only)

The novel way to engage with Pando, we now offer a chat-based interface for interaction. This alternative method expands your options and enables more intuitive and personalized user experience on Pando Proto.

Right now, we only provide the chat mode in Chinese. We have a plan add support for English and other languages in the future.

To chat with Pando, you need to use Mixin Messenger and add our bot as a contact. You can find our bot by searching "7000105018" in the search bar.

You can ask our bot on Mixin Messenger directly to take supported actions:

  • Swap coins:
    • example:
      • swap 1 ETH to USDT
      • buy ETH with 10 USDT
  • Deposit to regular investment balance:
    • example:
      • deposit 100 pUSD
  • Deposit to / withdraw from Senior Practitioner BOX Program:
    • example:
      • deposit 100 BOX
      • withdraw 100 BOX